Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I use PHP code in the templates?
A. At the moment, you can't.

Q. When I use SSI to include mwhois, the HTML after my include doesn't show,
A. MWhois.php (or .cgi) exits after doing it's job, this is why.

Q. How can I show the results of a whois search on my pages?
A. Use the templates, this is what they're there for.

Q. Is there any way of performing a search on all Top Level Domains using the
   drop down menu that is used to select the extension?
A. You can't. Well, not entirely true, using some javascript it can be
   achieved I believe.

Q. Top Level Domain ??? doesn't work! What should I do?
Q. The script doesn't support Top Level Domain ???, help!
A. E-Mail me with the Top Level Domain and any information you have, I'll see
   what I can do!

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